At Fuji Steak House we are committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you visit us.

All the dishes are freshly made-to-order. Hibachi meals cooked on sizzling teppanyaki grills before customers' eyes.

4 Greater Cincinnati & Florence locations:

{Florence} {East Gate} {Fairfield} {Hype Park}


Welcome to Fuji Steak House!

Four locations in greater Cincinnati OH and Florence Ky, Fuji Steak House is renowned for its culinary excellence and Japanese hibachi grill, sushi dishes. We invite you to tour our site and discover the Fuji Steak House experience, munu and specialty drink list.
Operation Manager -Dong Min Yue

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Looking for an exquisite location to impress that important client or a fun family party? Pre-arrange a meal from our menu, or custom-build a feast with the help of our knowledgeable staff and chefs.
To make a reservation or request a consultation, please contact us today.


Customer Testimonials

"Fuji Steak House is simply a great place to eat: the food is incredible and the service is delightful. I highly recommend it!"

"Great restaurant for entertaining clients at lunch... by a landslide."

"One of the best places I have eaten, not just in Cincinnati but anywhere!"


Hours of Operation

We are at your service, and strive to accommodate all types of schedules.
Please call for hours of operation while each location might have different opening hours.

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